Creation of the community garden

The community garden is now well under way thanks to the teachers and children and Linden Primary School who helped to create and fill the raised beds in our churchyard.

Palm Sunday 2018

Some of the Congregation processed from Sydenham Gardens into church with palm fronds and crosses for our 10.00 Palm Sunday service.

Harvest supper

Kicking off “That Friday Feeling”

Our very first of a new type of worship. Informal and open to ALL ages; Daniel and Rose came from FUEL.

Ruth led the service and held an informal question and answer session about herself to introduce us to some facts that we may not have otherwise known.

We sat around at cafe-style tables with nibbles and had music played by the music group; a big thanks to them. We followed this with a full meal catered for by the Hospitality team – a big thanks to them as well

Parish Away Day

Our Parish Away Day was on Saturday 3rd June in the beautiful garden of Rev Judy Howard in Bisley. Judy helped us to focus on giving by looking at the use of our gifts and talents and how we use them in the service of God. It was a thoughtful yet relaxing time for all. We all contributed to making a loaf of bread which Judy baked and we were able to use it in the communion service to close the day. A big thank you to Judy and Ruth for organising the day.

Easter experience 2017

The 2017 Easter Experience with George and Sue leading a group of students from St. Paul’s school.

Police choir concert

Community Choir concert

Thank you to the Community Choir for such a wonderful evening of music.

Easter 2016

Members of the 08:00 congregation started by lighting the fire, then after the service, members of both 08:00 and 10:00 congregations shared breakfast.

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