Who we are

What are we like? From all sorts of backgrounds, countries and races. Some of us have been going to church since we were babies, and some of us are very new to it. Some of us believe very deeply, and some of us hang on to faith by our fingertips as much as we can.

Some of us are in families, and some of us live on our own. We’re a real mix of real people, all different ages, from all sorts of backgrounds, countries and races. We think we’re a relaxed and friendly community and we’d love to welcome you to our services.

We value our Anglican liturgy and all our worship centres around Holy Communion.

We love children and they are very welcome at our services. We have toys, puzzles, space and usually special groups for children during our 10.00am service. Sunday by Sunday, and many days in between, we gather together to worship and we find that God is always in our midst, giving us hope and peace and strength for our often complex lives.

Sunday service times:

10:00 Eucharist


Thursday service times:

10:00 Eucharist

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