Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are to be no church funerals because churches are closed. Therefore funerals will only take place at the Crematorium or the graveside.

There has been conflicting advice from the crematorium but at the moment 5 mourners are allowed and only if they follow the social distancing measures. No one is allowed to stand outside and listen to the service.

This advice is likely to change as the number of funerals increases – please watch out for updates.

Read other Church of England coronavirus advice

To arrange a funeral in the church or at the crematorium the first port of call is usually the funeral director. They will then contact us, and then one of us will contact you to arrange a time meet. However, if someone has just died, or is close to death, and you would like priest to come and see you just get in touch with one of us, on any day at any time.

Sunday service times:

10:00 Eucharist

Wednesday service times:

19:45 Wednesday Wonderings (on Zoom)

Thursday service times:

10:00 Eucharist

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