Posada – day 7

Mary and Joseph have found a seasonal holly tree – perhaps they’ve stopped to make an advent wreath!

Posada – day 6

The damp weather seems to have driven Mary and Joseph indoors today and they have taken shelter under someone’s Christmas Tree.

Posada – day 5

Mary and Joseph haven’t made it quite so far today – no prizes for guessing where they are today!

Posada – day 4

Another day, another stop for Mary and Joseph on our Posada journey. They seem to have crossed to the other end of the parish again!

Posada – day 3

Today Mary and Joseph seem to have stopped for a rest by the canal. Can you recognise where they are?

Posada – day 2

Mary and Joseph seem to have turned the wrong way out of the gate and are going AWAY from the church. Can you recognise where they’ve stopped to rest today?

Posada – Day 1

The Advent Posada has begun!
When Mary and Joseph travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem it would have taken them between 5 days to a week, walking all day, every day. Our St Paul and St Stephen Mary and Joseph can’t match that pace – they left this morning and aim to reach the stable in time for Christmas Eve. Here they are as they set off – pictured with one of our Advent windows. Look out for them everyday as they make their way around the parish.

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