St Paul’s Church East Window

The east window was designed by Hugh Easton, who is mainly known for crafting some 250 windows as war memorials after World War Two. His work includes the glass for the Battle of Britain Chapel in Westminster Abbey. His surname appears as the points of a compass, at the foot of the right hand light of our window.

The lower parts of the window represent the Incarnation, and above this is a Resurrection scene, topped by a figure of Christ in Glory. The Incarnation scene shows a figure of the Christ Child, supported by a sacred rose. Two stems of a mystic rose bush spring up from the base of the window, one coming from the Virgin Mary, the other from the Angel of the Annunciation. The stems unite in the rose and Christ Child, suggesting that Christ was both human and divine, and united humanity with God. In the centre of the window, the figure of the Resurrected Christ bursts forth, and is worshipped by angels. At the very top, presiding over the whole window, is the figure of Christ in Glory, arms outstretched towards us, and surrounded by tongues of fire.

A prayer based on the east window

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10:00 Eucharist


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10:00 Eucharist

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