COVID-19 changes to worship

Whilst national restrictions are being relaxed, we still want to ensure that our church remains a safe place to be, so please see below for our latest guidance for worship

Guidance for worship

  1. Masks are preferred so please continue to wear them if you can. The clergy team will be doing so especially for the distribution of communion.
  2. Hand sanitiser will still be available – please use it if you would like to do so. Please continue to sanitise your hands before receiving communion.
  3. The track and trace QR code and forms will still be available but it is your choice as to whether you use them.
  4. Please be aware that some people may be worried about sitting close together again. Therefore, cards will be available stating ‘please leave this seat free’ for you to take and place on the seat next to you. Please respect one another’s wishes.
  5. Singing will only take place if people wear masks. We will start gently with one hymn at the beginning and one at the end and continue to listen to music in the rest of the service.
  6. Regular cleaning will take place each week.
  7. Whilst the weather is good we would also encourage you to chat with each other outside after the service. Hopefully in time we will be able to resume hospitality and offer refreshments after the service too.
  8. Please be mindful of one another’s personal space. After so long having to be physically distant some people may not wish to be close with others. We would encourage you to continue to distance as much as possible.

Sunday service times:

10:00 Eucharist

Wednesday service times:

19:45 Wednesday Wonderings (on Zoom)

Thursday service times:

10:00 Eucharist

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